I finally know what I want to do with my life.

……..Is what I tell myself every other day when my latest idea pops up in my head. It’s that age where you feel like you should have this grand life purpose but then you remember…bills. Then you compromise, I’ll work my day job and pursue my passion on the side. Well…then you remember, time constraint. Okay so I’ll work for a few years in a high paying job, save up some money, and then pursue my passion. Well…then you remember all the other people that have said that and didn’t follow through. That’s life. The likelihood is your life will follow the same trajectory as most others.

I have mainly drawn my inspiration from the polymaths of the past. Those who were both artist and scientist. Scholar and merchant. Ascetic and philanthropist.

If your passion is something religious, moral, social, or political, I believe you should never intend for your passion to become monetised. It can very often compromise the integrity and sincerity of your passion. If it so happens to become monetised along the way, then no harm done.

Back to the main point of this post: life is an experiential journey. Before I do anything, I like to have all the facts, formulate at least a rough plan, and execute it. Much to my surprise, life doesn’t work like that. The fact’s only belong to God. The rest of us are quite bewildered. We don’t know what the future holds, and have few ways of knowing (without going to a hippy with a magic 8 ball in a tent).

So, I made the decision. I do know what I’m going to do in life. And what I know is, that I don’t know. *That’s Kerfuffle*. There are two things in my control: my principles, and my adherence to those principles. That’s all I control. The means by which those principles are fulfilled are circumstantial and will always change depending on context. I’ve deliberately kept it abstract.

If you pursue a moral agenda for betterment of your locality or beyond, I recommend you have a secular means of income. Keep your income and business separate from your pursuit. It’ll:

A) Stand as a testament that you are able to achieve and

B) Maintain the integrity of your moral pursuit.



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